Frequently Asked Questions

A home stager is someone who can help you prepare your home before a sale. As home stagers, we strive to highlight the best features of your home and make those features pop. Our goal as home stagers is to make your home as appealing as possible to all your potential buyers.

Absolutely! A more appealing home to buyers means better potential for a sale. It is proven that homes that are staged are likelier to sell faster than the average home, and those that aren’t staged. Having a home staged can potentially increase the perceived value of your home, meaning you can sell your house for more than what it is currently worth on the market!

For many homeowners, they can feel very attached to their own home. Sometimes there are things that homeowners do not see but the buyers will notice. As a home stager, we can stage your home with a buyer’s perspective. Our goal is to assist you with diminishing negative factors and highlighting positive factors from a buyer’s perspective. Our goal is to help you sell your home in the least time possible, while maximizing your profit.

Buyers look at many crucial areas of your home, areas where they will spend most of their time. For example, your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living area. We can declutter, repair, and clean the areas that buyers consider important. We create a warm and inviting environment and help buyers picture the positives in your home and minimizing the negatives.

Other than home staging, we can also provide you with home organization and preconstruction planning services.

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