Home Staging

Reduce Time On The Market

The average number of days on the market for a staged house was half the days of an unstaged house.

Increase  Profit

HUD reports that a staged house sells, on average, for 17% more than a non-staged house.

Homes Are Purchased Based On Emotions

We create a warm and tranquil atmosphere. Accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives. We depersonalize the property so buyers can imagine it as their home. Show the potential of the property.

Buyers Judge Sellers

Buyers believe that a clean and organized property means that the seller has cared for it. We declutter, repair and clean areas that buyers consider essential especially kitchen and bathrooms.

Consider The Cost Of Staging
Lost Revenue Of A Price Reduction


The professional service that stages properties for sale and rent. Upgrades and de-cluttering can contribute to selling or renting a property for top price and to shortening the time it is on the market.

1. De-Clutter
and Organize All surfaces, cabinets, closets, all living spaces and rooms including hallways, backyards, front yards, basement, attic and garage

5. Repairs
Fix and Replace Major appliances, cracked floors, counter and shower tiles, leaky faucets, doors, drawers, hardware, neutral paint and window treatments, bulb wattage

2. De-Personalize
Remove personal photos and heirlooms, distractible art and accessories, religious items

6. Clean
Windows caulk tub, shower, sink, wash all floors; refrigerator; remove laundry, clean and vacuum carpets; dust and wax furniture

3. Decrease Furniture
Rooms show better with less ; remove leaves from tables, fewer collectable or antique pieces, baby furniture and outdoor accessories

7. Purge and Pack
Store non-season clothing and household items including sports equipment; donate unwanted or unneeded items, pack all duplicates

4. Remove and Replace
Identify items not for sale: fixtures, chandeliers, curtains, appliances, carpets – store and replace

8. Furniture Rental
Vacant properties are staged with furniture that defines the size and potential of each room thereby increasing the value of the listing

Maximize The Sales Or Lease Potential Of Your Home Or Apartment
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